Applying for Social Housing (Housing Pathways)

The Housing Trust is a participant in the NSW Housing Register called ‘Housing Pathways’, we do not keep our own separate waiting list for social housing. New tenants are selected from the NSW Housing Register and tenants are matched according to client requirements, property size, location and any special needs.

Steps to apply:

1. Review Social Housing eligibility policy

2. Complete a Housing Assistance Application form and other relevant forms as required from the eligibility policy (link above). Click here for an application form.


3. Provide supporting evidence/information including:

  • Identification,
  • Details of your income & assets,
  • And any specific information about your housing needs (this may include medical information for example)

For more information please see the Housing Pathways Evidence Requirements Information Sheet


4. Assistance

If you require further assistance or have any questions our staff can help you navigate through the process and also complete an application with advice over the phone or by appointment at our office.

Call us today 02 4254 1166


5. Completion of Application

Approval on application

Before making a formal offer of housing, we may contact you to discuss your current situation to see if there are any changes to your housing needs since you first applied for housing. For example, we may ask you questions about your income and assets, who will be living with you, or any current medical needs relating to your housing.

How long will it be before I am offered social housing? And how properties allocated?

The wait times for housing depend on a range of factors including:

  • Availability of housing in a particular location
  • The size of the housing
  • The relative need of others on the waitlist
  • Tenants are matched according to client choices, property size, location and any special needs.

Family & Community Services routinely publishes information on average wait-times. This information is here.


For more information on Housing Pathyways – see factsheet