Our Principles

Our Principles

  •       We put our clients first
  •       We believe people should feel in control and able to make choices
  •       We support and are supported by our community
  •       We are always there to help clients, colleagues and community
  •       We have a ‘can do’ attitude and encourage others to achieve
  •       We deliver on promises; are open and honest
  •       We treat people fairly and with understanding
  •       We are open to new ideas and learn from mistakes
  •       We believe more can be achieved by working well with others
  •       We will focus resources to assist those in the greatest need


Our Philosophy

Vision  What we seek for the world – A decent home for everyone

Values  The things for which we stand – Support, collaboration, integrity, respect

Purpose What we do, for whom and why – We provide homes, build communities, create opportunities and enrich lives

Outcomes For our clients and our community:

  • Our clients make choices and will feel more in control of their home and their lives
  • Our clients feel safe and comfortable in their homes and neighbourhoods
  • Our community is proud of The Housing Trust’s work