Finding a home that's right for you.

The Housing Trust is a Tier-1 Provider of Community Housing and is well-placed and committed to finding and providing our clients with safe, affordable, quality homes that suit their needs.

Housing Trust offers two types of housing depending on your circumstances:  Social Housing or Affordable Housing.

Social Housing

Social Housing is the common term used to describe rental housing that is designed to cater for the needs of people on very low to low  incomes that may be experiencing ‘rental stress’ or unable to secure a rental property in the private market due to other factors.

For more information about Social Housing or how to apply for Social Housing, please click the link in the heading above.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is designed to address the gap in the market between Social Housing and the private housing market. It’s for low to moderate income earners, who might be working but may find it difficult to afford housing in the private rental market, but earn too much to qualify for Social Housing.

The eligibility for Affordable Housing tenants is assessed on an annual basis.

For more information about Affordable Housing or how to apply for Affordable Housing, please click the link in the heading above.


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