How much does it cost?

Social Housing

Tenants in social housing are eligible to apply for a rental subsidy and pay a ‘subsidised’ rent. Most tenants do not pay market rent or the amount that would be charged for you home on the open market and renting privately.

Subsidised rent is calculated in accordance with the Community Housing Rent Policy which you can find here

Your subsidised rent takes into account:

  • All household income
  • Your assets

Market rent is periodically reviewed and you will be given 60 days notice of any change.

Housing Trust will conduct a rent review twice a year. Your household income is reviewed and this information is used to calculate you subsidised rent. If your rent is going to change you will be given 14 days notice. If you do not supply all the information required to assess your household income and calculate your rebated rent, your rent subsidy may be cancelled and you will be charged market rent.

It is your responsibility to inform the Housing Trust of any changes in your income or household within 21 days of the changes. It is important that you inform us of these changes, rather than waiting for a rent review to be conducted.


Affordable Housing

Rent is set and reviewed in accordance with program agreements, over a 12month period. There are 2 general terms for determining how much rent tenants will pay with affordable Housing.

1.    Maximum of 74.99% of the market rent of their property
2.    No less than 30% of their gross household income.

Tenants will be charged whichever is the lessor.

For more information about Affordable Housing, please refer our Affordable Housing Policy or contact Housing Trust office.