What happens after I apply?

What happens if I am made a formal offer of housing?

  • We will contact you by telephone and let you know that a property is available that we think matches your housing needs.
  • At this point, we will give you the address of the property and this then becomes a formal offer of housing.
  • We will give you 24 hours to view the property, which includes the opportunity to view the property internally.
  • After you have viewed the property, you then have 24 hours to decide whether you want to accept the offer of housing.

What happens if the property does not match my needs and I decide to decline the offer?

  • An offer of housing is made on the basis that we think the property reasonably meets your needs, based on the information available to us.
  • If you do not wish to accept the offer of housing that we make to you, we will ask you to complete an ‘Offer Response’ form telling us why you think the offer was not reasonable for your situation. We will suspend your application in the NSW Housing Register and consider your reasons (Social Housing Applications only).
  • We will write to you with the outcome of our assessment.
  • If we think the offer was reasonable this will be noted in the NSW Housing Register as a ‘refused offer’. If this was your second ‘refused offer’ then your application will be removed from the NSW Housing Register and you will need to reapply for housing (Social Housing Applications only).

Can I appeal an offer of housing that was made to me?

  • Yes. After we have assessed your ‘Offer Response’ form, if you still believe the offer of housing was not reasonable, you can appeal this decision.
  • The appeal process involves firstly an internal review called a ‘First Tier Appeal – Decision Review’ – you can find the form here. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, then you can appeal to the independent NSW Housing Appeals Committee. Learn more here.