Central Gardens is our newly completed development for affordable housing in Shellharbour.

Our staff worked above and beyond to sign over 65 new leases and were excited to hand over the keys to our tenants for their new homes.

We had the pleasure of capturing some of the great and happy moments with our staff and our tenants during this process, a lovely couple Alexander and his wife said that this new home is a start to a bright new future!

See the images below to view more of these special moments captured during the week (11th – 15th April 2016).

Adam handing the keys to Alexander for his new home

Peta with Fred & Cheryl Winch low res
Peta signing up the new lease and handing keys over to Cheryl and Fred for his new home
The lovely couple said that their new home is absolutely beautiful!

Emily with Sherida Findell low res
Emily signing up a new lease and handing keys over to Sherida for her new home in Shellharbour
Sherida said this a fantastic feeling.

Geoff low res
Trista signing up a new lease and handing keys over to Geoff for his new home.
Geoff said that his brand new home was worth the wait!

Mary AND Sue low res

Sue signing up a new lease and handing the keys over to Mary for her new home.
Mary said she is very pleased with her new home!