The Illawarra Community Housing Trust Limited

ACN 002 662 464


NOTICE is hereby given that the 2016 Annual General Meeting of shareholders of The Illawarra Community Housing Trust Limited will be held on Monday 28th November 2016 at 4pm (AEDT).


1.1 Joan Ferguson Welcome

1.2 David Campbell Review and Welcome to Country

2.Ordinary Business

2.1 Apologies

2.2 Confirmation of previous minutes

2.3 Confirmation of action items from previous minutes

2.4 To receive and consider the annual report, the financial report and the report by  the Auditor for the year ended 30 June 2016

3.Other Business

3.1 To declare the result of the election of the Board to members.


A member of the Company who is entitled to attend and cast a vote at the Meeting has a right to appoint a Proxy. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company.

For an appointment of a Proxy for the Meeting of the Company’s members to be effective, the following documents must be received by the Company at least 48 hours before the meeting.

  1. The Proxy’s appointment
  2. If the appointment is signed by the appointer’s attorney – the authority under which the appointment was signed or a certified copy of the authority.

The Company receives the Proxy documents when they are received at any of the following:

  1. The Company’s office 120 Smith Street, Wollongong NSW 2500
  2. The Company’s facsimile number (02) 4254 1122

A Proxy appointment form accompanies this notice of Meeting.


By Order of the Board
Jim O’Shea
Company Secretary