I started at the Housing Trust is December, and I am a Community Housing Worker looking after the Wollongong, Kiama, Gerringong and Jamberoo portfolios.

I come from a culturally diverse family – my Husband is an Islander, and I’m South American. We follow the Kiribati culture at home, and my children participate in the Kiribati community and perform traditional dance.

I have had many jobs, including working in Public Housing 15 years ago, and working in retail and hospitality. I recently felt the need to come back to housing work.

I am looking forward to working at the Housing Trust for a long time – this is the working environment that I enjoy. Even though I am dealing with competing deadlines, I am always up for a challenge – that’s what I like about the job. There’s no time to get bored!

It amazes me how many support agencies are out there in the community – something for everyone to tap into. I’m happy to be a party of it, to help people find something they need. Getting tenants to engage can be hard, and this is where we come in to play as Community Housing Workers. We can open the communication lines to get them the help they need.

I admire that, despite hard and fast policies and procedures, the Housing Trust is flexible and able to adapt to people’s needs. We take everything on board to ensure the best outcome for the customer. Community Housing Workers are also involved in all aspects of the tenancy, from start to finish, which helps our customers.

My favourite thing about working at the Housing Trust is the fact that we can impact on peoples’ lives in a positive way – that’s ultimately what I love about the job!