Welcome to The Housing Trust and congratulations on moving into your new home!

As a Housing Trust tenant you have now joined more than 2,000 other people who live with us and we aim to provide you with a service that is up there with the best in Australia.

Moving can be an exciting but also stressful time. When you signed your lease with us, our staff will explain everything to you, but just to recap here’s a few helpful reminders and suggestions to help you settle in:

  • Your new tenant’s folder has a copy of your lease, ingoing condition report, and tenant handbook. Take a moment to review each of these documents and make sure you keep them somewhere secure.
  • It is important to review your ingoing condition report, mark up any comments or issues, sign and return it to us within the first 7 days of moving into the property
  • Check that all the keys & locks work properly – you should have one full set of keys for the property
  • Check that there are no leaky taps and also check the TV aerial to make sure it’s working
  • Get the electricity and phone connected in your name for the property
  • If you have any maintenance issues with your new home, please contact our Property Services Team on 4254 1115, or after hours on 4254 1166. They are there to help with all maintenance enquiries 24/7
  • We’ll be in contact with you within the first three months of you moving in to come out for a welcome visit and see how you are settling into your new home
  • It’s important to keep us up to date. If you have any changes to your household or income this may affect your rent subsidy

Not sure about something or have a question?

Just give us a call, we’re here to help.
Your new tenant folder should also have the name and contact details of your Community Housing Worker. If you are not sure or don’t know just call our Tenancy Team on 4254 1166.


We love to receive feedback about our service. If you’ve got a moment, please complete our feedback form and tell us about your experience moving into your new home.