Keys to your home

As a tenant of the Housing Trust you do have rights and we respect them. Your rights are outlined in your residential tenancy agreement (your lease), the Residential Tenancies Act 2010, and our policies.

We have a Tenant Rights and Participation Policy if you want to learn more.

But in summary, the Housing Trust supports the rights of tenants to:

  • live in safe, secure, well-maintained and affordable housing
  • security of tenure within the terms of your tenancy agreement, funding guidelines and our policies
  • privacy and confidentiality as a client of our service
  • be treated in a fair and non-discriminatory manner, and with respect
  • have access to your own personal information held on file by our organisation
  • provide feedback if you feel our service is not adequate or meeting our customer standards

To help with this:

  • We want to keep you informed and we operate from a ‘no surprises’ perspective.
  • We will seek your views through an annual tenant survey and regular contact.
  • We seek feedback in ways that suit you – we want to learn from you and welcome new ideas on how to do this.
  • We send you a regular newsletter full of interesting and useful articles.
  • We will carry out a home visit to check the condition of your home and to talk about how you are going and whether there is anything we can do to support you.
  • We arrange social activities to help us get to know each other and for tenants to meet.

Click here to view important changes to your privacy at the Housing Trust