Changes to your household

We understand that households do grow and change. Some typical examples include:

  • birth of children
  • a family member moving out
  • a family member or friend wanting to move in with you
  • a carer moving in to support you
  • children being removed into foster care or being placed with you

If there is a change in your household, it is important to let us know before the change if possible, as it may have implications for your tenancy.

For example, your home may not be big enough for additional people or it may affect the rent you have to pay. When you want to make a change to your household, please contact your community housing worker as soon as you can – you will need to complete a ‘Rent Subsidy Application’ form. We will assess your application to make this change and write back to you within 28 days.

Rent Subsidy Reviews

Twice a year, we review your household income and we use this information to calculate your rebated rent.  If your rebated rent is going to change, we will give you at least fourteen days’ notice.  If we do not receive the information we need from you to assess your household income and calculate your rebated rent, your rent subsidy may be cancelled and you will be charged the market rent.