Home Visits and Inspections

Home visits or inspections are a normal part of all tenancy agreements but you have a right to be notified of the visit in advance. We aim to visit all of our tenants at least twice a year, just to check-in with you about how you’re going and also to review the property condition. From time to time, either the Housing Trust or the NSW Land & Housing Corporation may employ contractors to do formal inspections of the property condition called a “Property Assessment Survey” or if you live in a privately leased property the real estate agent or owner may also want to do an inspection.

Home Visits

Our home visit program is an important way for us to stay connected with you.  We will give you written notice well in advance of your scheduled home visit so that you know when we’ll be coming out to see you and to give you time to do a quick tidy-up of your home. If you need to reschedule your home visit, just contact us for a time that is suitable for you.

When we visit your home, our staff will talk with you about how you are going and whether your home is meeting your needs. We will provide information about any upcoming Housing Trust events or activities in your local area. If you have any questions about your tenancy or your home, please just ask us no matter how big or small the issue may be.

We will also confirm your current contact details and emergency contacts, and ask if you would like information or referral to community support services (eg. family support, in-home care, mental health services, financial counselling and so on). We aim to be as quick as possible and most home visits will only take about 25-30 minutes.

Your annual home visit is also a chance for us to review the condition of your home. If you have any maintenance issues, please don’t wait for a home visit – contact our Property Services Team on 4254 1115.