Your responsibilities as a tenant

With rights come responsibilities. A full list of the things you need to do is outlined in your lease, but here are some things it is good to remember:

  • It is really important to ensure that your rent account stays two weeks in advance at all times
  • If you want to be considered for a rebated or subsidised rent, you do need to provide a range of specific information when we ask for it. If you don’t supply this information, then we may cancel your rent subsidy until you do.
  • Keeping the property reasonably clean is very important, including a yard if you have one.
  • Talk with us before changing locks or installing other security devices or making any modifications to the property.
  • It’s really important to let us know about maintenance and repairs. You might not think these issues are a big deal, or you may not want to bother us, but we need to know as they can lead to bigger problems. For example, a small leak can sometimes cause a lot of damage. So we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this kind of thing.
  • Making changes to your household can affect your tenancy. So if you’re thinking about asking someone to move in with you or if someone is thinking about leaving then you do need to talk with us about that.
  • Most of the time, if you have allowed someone to come into your home and they cause damage, you will be responsible for their actions. We do, however, take a compassionate approach to circumstances beyond your control particularly if those situations relate to domestic violence.